5 Clear Cut Signs You Need to Switch Accountants…

5 Clear Cut Signs You Need to Switch Accountants…

For any company, small or large, a good accountant is essential. They should be able to provide you with clear accounting information you need and advise on how you could save money in specific areas of your business. If your current accountant is lacking at doing just these basic things, it’s probably time you thought about switching…

Here are 5 signs it’s time to change your accountant:

Your accountant isn’t proactive 

Having a proactive accountant is key for any start-up business, but especially in the first few years to develop long-term strategies for business growth. If your accountant is only reactive to certain problems you’re having or issues you’ve raised with them, you’re missing out. Many SME’s don’t realise which tax reliefs and government incentives they can take advantage of. Having a proactive accountant that keeps regular communication will enable you and your business to have the best chance at being successful.

They charge you every time you ask a question

A great accountant should provide comprehensive support to progress your business through the crucial stages of business growth. If your accountant is charging you additional fees for basic services that should be within your service, it’s definitely time to reconsider your accountancy firm. At Sapphire, we provide unlimited accountancy advice so that you can maximise your profits and stay compliant.

Your accountant is only an accountant 

An accountant that does accounting. Well, isn’t that what you want?!

The answer is no. As your business starts to grow, you will most likely need additional support than just year-end accounts and tax returns. Any business that wants to expand and be successful should look at an accountant as much more than this. Think about payroll services and specialist tax advice including R&D expertise, having an accountant that can do it all will give you a much better all-round service than those who have to outsource certain services.

Your accountant unloads lots of unhelpful jargon

In the world of accounting, there are lots of technical terms and complex regulations. To stay compliant, you need an accountant that will provide you with clarity. I.e., they should explain things in plain English so that you can understand everything they are advising. If you have an accountant that unloads information without explaining it, you can find yourself in hot water quite quickly because you’ve not received clear communication. Don’t get surprised by an unwanted tax bill or penalty, get yourself an accountant that can explain things easily and in an approachable manner – no question is a stupid one!

Still not convinced you need to switch, here’s what to do next…

Changing accountants when you’re settled can be challenging. Perhaps you’ve built up a long relationship over many years, but their performance has significantly dropped recently. Maybe the thought of changing when you don’t really know what your business needs is stopping you from making the move. Either way, your business needs an accountancy firm that can provide you with clear cut thinking and easy to follow guidance. Only then can your business grow and thrive in an ever-changing and demanding economy.

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