Top tips for using LinkedIn for freelancers and self-employed

Top tips for using LinkedIn for freelancers and self-employed

When you’re self-employed, trying to find work on LinkedIn can be a minefield. Yet LinkedIn is a great place to find work. So much so, it’s increasingly important to make sure you stand out on the platform. Here are some of our tips on how to increase your work through LinkedIn.

Headlines matter!

The headline section is more than just listing your job title. Treat it as a way to clearly explain what you do. Make sure you state that that you’re a contractor, freelancer or self-employed here.

Sell yourself in your summary

The summary is the place to sell yourself. Clearly lay out your background and skillset. Use the ‘About’ section to speak directly to your ideal customer. Outline the problem they likely have, and how you can solve it.

Choose your LinkedIn profile photo wisely

Make sure your LinkedIn photo is professional. Choose one that clearly shows your face, but maybe not a selfie!

Also uploading a header photo will help. This image sits behind your profile photo. It could be an example of some work you’ve done, the city you work in, or maybe even one of you beavering away on a project.

What are your job preferences?

Get this right and get discovered. Here you can outline the job titles that suit you best, the locations you’d be willing to work, how soon you can start, and the type of position you’d be open to taking: contract, remote, etc.

Add your relevant skills

Treat this section as if it were a search engine. What might people type in when looking to recruit people with your skills? Think keywords! Take time to search through LinkedIn’s options and then pin three skills you’d like to feature in your profile.

Make meaningful connections

Connecting with the right people can be key. But there’s a balance to be had when sending invitations. You don’t want to be going overboard and ultimately coming across like a bot. That said, connecting with decision-makers in business or industries that suit you can be hugely beneficial.

It’s best to try and engage with content from your connections on your timeline to help warm up the relationship. Enjoyed an article someone posted? Tell them about it. Make yourself known.

Show off your work

Proud of some work that you’ve produced? Share it! LinkedIn is the place to showcase your work to potential clients, so make sure you show it off!

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